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  • First great worldwide Islamic empire
  • Successor to caliphs who were successors to Muhammad
  • They establish a dynasty
  • Also established the capitol outside, in Damascus.
  • In Damascus, you can find Christianity, Judaism, and Islam coexisting in fairly tolerant terms.
  • Didn't impose Islam faith, but the Umayyads forced one to pay a tax.

Spread of Islam During the Umayyad Caliphate[]

  • Established garrisons of Islamic soldiers on the borders, which eventually become towns.
  • This attracts non-Muslims to there, and after interacting with people all the time, people become Muslim.
  • Then, people would learn Arabic, and also learn Islamic ideals (which they liked).
  • Arabic replaces ancient tongues of Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt and North Africa, but doesn't replace Persian and Latin.
  • Arabic becomes main tongue of everyone outside of Arabian Peninsula.