• The great legal code, commissioned by Genghis Khan once he creates a Central Asian empire.
  • In order to do this, the Mongols have to create their first written script so they take the alphabetic script of the Uigher people that they recently conquered.
  • Then they create the Mongolian alphabet and use it for the law, in the form of the Yasa.
  • The Yasa was primarily created to keep the peace among the people within their expanding empire (so the Yasa puts an end to many things that cause conflict, such as wife kidnapping and cattle wrestling).
  • Yasa is also unique in that it technically subordinates the power of rulers to the law, so that rulers don’t exist above and beyond the law, but instead their power is defined by the law itself.
  • Yasa also legalizes religious tolerance, and prohibits the persecution of people under Mongol rule based upon their religious faith (which is also unique).
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