• Very important event in the European high middle ages.
  • Takes place because the English monarchs always had (going back to the northern invasion in 1066) always made claims on important lands in France. The war erupts over deciding whether those claims should be honored or not (war about the continued English presence in French society, and their control over major French territories).
  • Long drawn-out war b/w France and England.
  • 2 things that characterize this war:
    • The war sees the use of a lot of new military weapons and technologies. On the English side they use the long bow. The long bow is a huge bow that fires arrows at a great distance and velocity, and was first used to devastate the French. This war also sees the first widespread use of gunpowder among European armies, and towards the end of the war firearms become more and more common (used by both sides). And the use of the canon plays a key role in the conflict and a key role in breaking down English defenses, castles, and fortifications, and finally kicking the English out of France, leading to a victory of the French forces.
    • The long-term result of this war is that it helps unify France under its monarchy based in Paris. Prior to this war the French monarchy didn’t have a very firm control over most French territories, but the war allows it to establish its control over most of France. Begins the creation of a powerful French monarchy that leads us into early modern history.
  • This war also sees the rise of Joan of Arc, who is a French woman who believes she is called by God to lead the French against the English. This is an early expression of French nationalism.
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