• First slavic state in Eastern Europe
  • Lasted about 400 years
  • Origins lie with The Varangians
  • They intermarried with the Rus in the market town of Kiev and create a mixed Scandinavian/Russian elite.
  • Byzantium exerted a very strong influence over Kievan Rus.
  • In 981 converted Russians to orthodox Christianity.
    • He reject Catholic Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.
  • Kievan Monarchs did not like Ceasaropaepism, wanted 100% control over their people.
  • Kievan Russia conquered by the Golden Horde Khanate
  • Kievan Rus - it's not Russian, and it never has been. Because this comparison is erroneous. Kievan Rus is the center of Kiev and his principality. From this it follows Kievan Rus is the Ukraine and Belorussia. Russia is vydumanoe name more accurately copied from Kievan Rus as the name and history. Russia is the Golden Horde
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