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Alexander Nevskii[]

  • Lived from 1220 to 1263
  • Nevskii was the prince of the Russian city of Novgorod (r. 1236-1252)
  • Nevskii persuaded many Russian princes that submitting to the Mongols would be much wiser than attempting to protect themselves.
    • Mongols would let those who peacefully sumbitted live, whereas they typically slaughtered those who resisted.
  • In recognition, Mongols favoured both him and the Russian cities of Novgorod, and Moscow
    • Nevskii's brother Daniel was ruler of Moscow at this time.
  • Moscow and Novgorod noobed Kiev, and soon, Moscow controlled most of Russia at this time.
    • This enabled the migration of people northward toward Moscow, which lessened Mongol control of the region.